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Al Barari's Finest: Your Exclusive Retreat at Lunaria Villas

Updated: Jun 5

Step into a realm of serenity and sophistication at Lunaria Villa, an exceptional residence nestled within the prestigious Al Barari community in Dubai. Beyond a mere dwelling, this exquisite haven is a sanctuary where luxury seamlessly meets eco-conscious living, surrounded by the lush embrace of Al Barari.

This unique Lunaria villa stands apart with its extended plot, offering a vast canvas of private paradise. Imagine sprawling emerald lawns, meticulously crafted gardens, and a sense of seclusion that whispers luxury in every corner.

Embrace the Bauhaus Allure

Inspired by the iconic architectural style, Lunaria Villa stuns with contemporary elegance. Light-colored tiles, panoramic windows, sleek flat roofs, and sunshades create a visually captivating facade that seamlessly blends with the surrounding greenery.

Experience Four-Story Luxury

This villa is a vertical journey of indulgence, from a private cinema and sauna in the basement to a rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi. Each floor invites you to experience a different facet of luxurious living.

Unwind in Poolside Bliss

Escape the ordinary with a private swimming pool, inviting you to surrender to ultimate relaxation. Dive into refreshing waters that melt away stress, enveloped in the tranquility of your oasis, whether for a morning dip or an evening swim.

Live in Harmony with Nature

Immerse yourself in Al Barari's lush embrace, renowned for sprawling parks and gardens. Lunaria Villa seamlessly integrates into this verdant haven, ensuring you live in harmony with nature, surrounded by its calming beauty.

As a resident, enjoy exclusive access to Al Barari's premium facilities. Stay active with outdoor and indoor sports courts or unwind in the Mediterranean-style spa. A wellness club and sports center offer myriad ways to indulge your every desire.

Beyond Luxury, a Legacy of Sustainability

Lunaria Villa is a commitment to responsible living. Eco-friendly design principles and a focus on renewable energy ensure you leave a light footprint on the environment while enjoying unparalleled comfort.

Own a Piece of Paradise

Anticipate the completion of this exceptional project in Q2 2024. Take your chance to own a piece of Lunaria's luxury and be part of Dubai's most coveted eco-friendly haven.

Contact us today to seize this exclusive opportunity and elevate your lifestyle.

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